5. The consensus view of Democratic doom is not on such sound footing as it seems. When a party is likely to sustain fairly significant losses in a midterm election — and Democrats are going to sustain fairly significant losses tomorrow — there are a lot of things you might expect to see.

First, you would expect to see that the party’s generic ballot polls were bad. Some of them might be really bad. A handful of them might be not-quite-as-bad-as-the-others, and might provide some hope to the faithful. Most of them would be pretty bad, though.

Second, that party would get lots of bad results in polls of individual House districts.

Third, that party’s problems are going to manifest themselves among most, and possibly virtually all, demographic groups. So you can write a story about how the party is struggling among women. And among men. And young voters. And old voters. And rich voters. And working-class voters. And Hispanics. And whites.