Frum ought to know about them and other Democrats like them. He also ought to know that there are 21 states suing to destroy ObamaCare. He also ought to know that those lawsuits are bundled in three separate court cases, all of which are in federal court and headed, eventually, to the Supreme Court. Now that the GOP has picked up several additional state attorneys general, more states may join those cases or file their own, because ObamaCare threatens to saddle every state with massive new spending that none of them can afford. The cases against ObamaCare have a good chance of succeeding in demonstrating that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, for the simple reason that the federal government has never mandated that the price of American citizenship is purchasing a product, as ObamaCare does. Because of the law’s construction, if the individual mandate goes down, so does the rest of it. It all goes away.

David Frum just pretends that none of that is true.

He also pretends that the Pelosi Democrats were even ever interested in compromise with Republicans on that bill in the first place, when it was obvious that they weren’t. They locked Republicans out of the backroom meetings in which the bill was hatched. They held votes at midnight and on holiday weekends to minimize scrutiny and, in theory, to minimize voter rage (that gambit backfired). They were hell-bent to pass a health care “reform” to cap their 2006 and 2008 victories and to give themselves a historic and far-reaching policy victory. They wanted to pick off a Republican vote or two if possible, but not at the expense of any of their core “reform” ideas. They ended up having to buy off Democrats.