HH: Let’s start. If it was just a mosque, and not a community center, not like a YMCA as you argue in the column, would that make a difference to you if it was just a large mosque? Would you change your position?

NK: No, that would not.

HH: And if it was closer to Ground Zero, would it change your position?

NK: It, I mean, if it were, you know, a little bit closer, I’m not sure that would. If it were actually at Ground Zero, I mean, I think that whatever is at Ground Zero really should be closely scrutinized, and you know, I’d have to think about what really should be at Ground Zero. So I would draw the distinction as what is at Ground Zero, and then what is, you know, a couple of blocks away.

HH: How do you define Ground Zero, because this is in the debris field of, you know, the landing gear hit it, as I’m sure you know.

NK: Right, right. No, but I mean, in other words, the area that was at the site of the World Trade Center, and that is now being rebuilt.

HH: And any of the buildings that collapsed, would they be included, or where anyone died?

NK: Well, certainly any building that collapsed, I would count as Ground Zero.