It is not, as some like to say, a purge. It never has been. It is an insurrection and a necessary fight. For too long conservatives have given their money and votes to Republicans who, every election year, whip out a red cloth with the word “judges” written on one side and “abortion” written on the other and wave it in front of the grassroots.

But the grassroots have realized they’ve been had. They were disappointed in Harriet Miers. They were disappointed in immigration. But the handling of the financial mess in 2008 broke their hearts. Compounding that is the Senate Republicans going around the country defending the status quo and choosing sides with a bunch of moderates.

Conservatives have nothing else to do but fight back, in defense of their values. And they are doing so today – because despite what the elites in Washington believe, conservatism is not just a set of talking points. It is not what you say at rallies to take money from the pockets of conservative Americans. It is not what other people tell you to say when you’re in public, and laugh about when you’re in private.