“It’s almost a nonviolent coup,” agreed E. J. Dionne Jr., a liberal columnist for The Washington Post.

“The long promised purge is on,” wrote Kathleen Parker, a “conservative” columnist for the Post.

The same day Utah Republicans rejected Mr. Bennett, Utah Democrats forced their only member of Congress, Rep. Scott Matheson, into a primary. Liberals were upset with Mr. Matheson because he voted against Obamacare and carbon taxes.

I didn’t see any journalists describe what happened to Mr. Matheson as “a damn outrage,” a “coup,” or a “purge.”

The media double standard in which primary battles among Republicans are described as “civil wars” reflecting extremism and intolerance, but primary battles among Democrats are not has reached ludicrous proportions in Florida, where Gov. Charlie Crist, who was badly trailing Marco Rubio in the Republican U.S. Senate primary, decided to run as an independent, despite earlier pledges not to.