This is the most visible manifestation of a larger problem the Obama White House has. Many Obama loyalists from the 2008 race still seem, after a year on the job, to be having trouble exiting campaign mode. They sometimes appear to be running a taxpayer-funded rapid-response operation.

At Tuesday’s briefing, Gibbs looked down and shuffled his papers as the Associated Press’s Jennifer Loven began with two questions about the White House’s role in the Massachusetts race. Gibbs gave her two dismissive waves of the hand and told her to wait for “the outcome of the election, which, as many people know, is ongoing.”

The correspondent for Reuters asked two more Massachusetts questions. Gibbs treated him to two more dismissive waves. “We will schedule a briefing, not unlike this, at approximately the same time tomorrow,” the spokesman said…

Contrast the glib Gibbs gibes with a press briefing on the same topic a few hours earlier by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.