It has long seemed like a miracle that Han Han could somehow say and write things that would get others in trouble.

He caused uproar last year when, walking past a racetrack rostrum where high-ranking officials were seated, he gave them the middle finger – but no action was taken against him.

On his blog, he has regularly accused government or Communist party officials of corruption, without getting into trouble.

He does not mince his words. Arguing that the Communist party should establish laws to make its workings more transparent, he says: “For example, I believe China has the world’s biggest sex and gambling industries [both are banned in China], their biggest customers are maybe our Communist party members.”…

Han Han said that for him, relations with the authorities were not all that serious. “Sometimes when they tell me to take a blog post down, I take it down, and I won’t be very upset. We’re all playing a game with certain rules. As long as they let us continue ­playing, I think there’s no problem.”