McCaskill said Wednesday morning that the agenda is moving “going too far, too fast” and that it would be a “huge mistake” for Democrats to force a vote on a new bill in the Senate before the new senator from Massachusetts is seated.

“As I said to somebody last night:, everybody needs to get the Washington wax out of their ears and listen and pay attention that people out there believe that we are going too far, too fast,” McCaskill told POLITICO…

“You know what this president tried to do, which is different, he did what he said he was going to do,” McCaskill said. “If you look at the steps he’s taken, he’s trying to keep his word to the voters that elected him.”

McCaskill said “one alternative” would be for the House to accept the Senate’s health care bill with no changes, but she strongly rejected the idea of trying to pass a revised bill through the Senate before Brown arrives in Washington – and takes away the Democrats’ 60th vote.