SCHULTZ (01:47): An apology right off the top here on the Ed Schultz show today, great to have you with us. I misspoke on Friday. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I meant to say, if I could vote 20 times, that’s what I’d do (guffaws) This has been a wonderful weekend for us. I’ve had more entertaining email from these right-wing nutjobs than ever before. It must be, it’s gotta be a record for the Ed Schultz show, now in its seventh year.

SCHULTZ (03:41): They want me off the air, of course they do! This Radio Equalizer guy or whoever the hell he is, they dissect every word, they’ll take a clip out and they’ll say he said this. Let me be very clear – I’m not advocating voter fraud, I’m just telling you what I would do. That’s how bad I want Scott Brown to lose!