Coakley’s role in the imprisonment of Gerald “Tookie” Amirault is all the more inexcusable when one considers that wild accusations of child sex abuse at the Fells Acres Day School were widely discredited by the time she became involved in the case. Even when it was clear Amirault was innocent, Coakley lobbied Acting Governor Jane Swift to keep Tookie behind bars for an extra two years.

To this day, Amirault is forced to wear an ankle bracelet and register as a Level III sex offender, thanks to Martha’s selfish cruelty.

Now, Amirault is coming forward to talk about the extra suffering his family faced as a result of Coakley’s political grandstanding and prosecutorial misconduct. During an interview today on the Boston based / regionally-syndicated Howie Carr Show, Amirault talked about what he endured and Martha’s role in the injustice.