Fresh off the holiday recess, Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee held a contentious session, where several members expressed their frustration with the direction of the debate, members present said.

In a Tuesday night caucus meeting, Michigan Rep. Sander Levin and Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle both earned loud ovations after decrying the levy in front of their colleagues, people present said. The plan is deeply unpopular with the Democrats’ labor-union backers…

House Democrats tired of hearing about how the Senate’s 60-vote majority is sacrosanct are now pushing President Barack Obama – like the speaker did last week – to believe their threat, that the House’s majority for health reform is just as endangered. The bill passed the House in November by a margin of 220 to 215, with 39 Democrats voting no.

“The Democratic Caucus is pretty fired up by the idea that it wasn’t that easy for us to get to 218,” said New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. “We keep hearing them squeal like pigs in the Senate that they had a tough time getting to 60. Well, it wasn’t particularly a picnic for us to get to 218…The Senate Kabuki dance has lost its magic on those of us in the House. “