“Today was grueling, OK? The media had asked the sheriff’s department these questions about this publicity stunt crap. And everything that I went through, everything my wife has gone through, I just find that just disgusting. It’s absolutely appalling to me after all the crap that we went through that they would say that,” Richard Heene told 9NEWS on Thursday night.

Heene was asked about the possibility it was a hoax because of what his 6-year-old son, Falcon, had said earlier during a CNN interview. In the interview, when Falcon was asked why he didn’t come out when he heard his parents calling for him, he said he was because it was “for the show.”

“Perhaps he was talking about these guys out here, I don’t know. They were asking him a million questions,” Richard Heene said. “I thought he was talking about when the garage door opened up, all the media was standing there and he was showing them how he got in, I thought that’s what he was talking about.”