Holmes: I heard you stayed in a Wal-Mart parking lot the other night?

Thomas: We have been in dozens of Wal-Mart parking lots throughout the country, actually it’s one of our favorite things to do if we’re not having to plug in and we’ve got enough electricity and all that. But you can get a little shopping in, see part of real America. It’s fun!

Holmes: So fellow campers must be floored when they realize who’s parekd next door. Any funny stories?

Thomas: Well, honestly the best thing is when they don’t know who we are. So Clarence gets recognized every once in a while and that sort of puts a damper on things because when we’re out we sort of like to be incognito . . . It’s not that there’s anything bad that happens when he’s recognized, what actually happens is we kind of get mobbed. We had to leave one site, they got so friendly they looked forward to seeing us every year, that there’d be 20-30 people waiting for him to come out of the bus, so we just had to move on.