Just like his daughter, John McCain spouted incoherent nonsense and expected people to follow him just because, again like his daughter, the media liked him. At least John McCain actually got to where he is on his own, Meghan McCain has done, literally, zero, to earn the attention she gets. And when she compares herself to Michelle Malkin, bragging that she has more twitter followers than MM, she seems even dumber than usual. Which is hard, because she frequently seems pretty dumb. Even Allahpundit, with whom I frequently spar about Meggie Mac (what Allah calls her) on twitter, with him defending her as a kid who is seeking the attention any of us would seek if thrust into the spotlight and me saying that she’s dumb as a stick (I switch it up, sometimes stick, sometimes rock, sometimes stump, I’m creative), can’t defend her today.

Do I hate Meggie Mac as a human being? No, I know little about her other than she’s the daughter of someone famous. Do I hate moderates? Again, no, I’ve voted for moderates and I’ve worked for moderates (hi, I live in NYC), but they have to be able to defend their positions and not just whine that those who disagree with them are “old”. Until Meg can form some coherent opinions which she can then defend, she should think twice about comparing herself to Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter, all of whom can debate her under the table any day of the week. She’s a nobody, ultimately, no matter how many tattoos she gets. And she should disappear off our national stage. The faster, the better.