Let us move to our current year- 2009. Again a new president is in office. A Democrat committed to change, who was himself accused during the campaign of having a background close to far Left radical circles. Most Americans viewed him quite differently, as a candidate of the center, whose inoffensive style and evident non-ideological approach to things, marked him as a pragmatist who would govern not from the Left, but from the solid center in which most of his countrymen dwelled.

Yet, like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama has seen fit to actually appoint a Communist to a position of importance in the White House. This time, however, the appointment has received almost no mainstream notice, and those who have knowledge of it, seem to think it is no big deal. After all, Communists too are on the side of change on behalf of the people. As they used to say in the 30’s, they are just “liberals in a hurry.”