More People Are Leaving ‘La-La Land’ Massachusetts

This state needs an enema.

Now more than ever.

The Commonwealth has been circling the drain for a good long while now, but evidence of the ongoing catastrophe just keeps piling up.


The latest news comes from the Internal Revenue Service’s annual data on the migration – flight might be a better term – of taxpayers out of failed Democrat-run states.

The statistics also include the amount of income lost (and gained) by each of the 50 states.

Massachusetts, which ranks 16th in population, comes in at a glittering number five in lost income in 2022 — $3.9 billion vanished from the Bay State, according to the feds’ own numbers.

The only places that had higher rates of working-class flight were California, New York, Illinois and New Jersey, all much larger states.

Beege Welborn

Florida's full, ESPECIALLY if they come with their MA voting proclivities intact.

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