Au Revoir to LePen and RN: It's Looking Like Leftist Electioneering Is Going to Carry the Day In France

The left-wing alliance in France is on course to win the most seats in parliament in a dramatic election upset, dealing a surprise blow to the far-right party of Marine Le Pen, according to early estimates.


Le Pen’s National Rally came top in the first round of voting a week ago and was aiming to secure the most seats in France’s legislature for the first time in the party’s history. But tactical voting and collaboration between Le Pen’s opponents in an effort to keep her party out of power appeared to have paid off, initial forecasts from pollsters suggested.

President Emmanuel Macron called a snap vote after a stunning defeat in last month’s European Parliament election, promising “a clarification” of the French political landscape. Instead, the country appeared on track towards greater uncertainty, with no single party holding a majority.

Beege Welborn

Gonna be fun. The Left is already floating a 90% tax bracket.

France’s leftist alliance would raise the top marginal income tax rate to 90% if it were to take over the government following legislative elections that run through July 7.

Eric Coquerel provided the figure in an interview in Cnews television, saying that the New Popular Front’s proposal would pass muster with French courts and wouldn’t be considered confiscatory because it would only have an impact on the highest portion of a taxpayer’s income.

And if there was a distinct Islamic flavor to the streets of Paris before this?

They ain't seen nothing yet.

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