POTATUS 'Staying in the Race' As He Woos Wisconsin

President Joe Biden, fighting to save his endangered reelection effort Friday, defiantly said he was “completely” ruling out quitting his 2024 bid after finishing a pivotal network television interview where his every answer is sure to be scrutinized for evidence of his competency and fitness to run for office.


Yet Biden’s rigorous efforts to course correct from his disastrous debate performance last week were not yet quelling internal party frustrations, with one influential Democratic senator working on a nascent push that would encourage the president to exit from the race and Democrats quietly chatting about where they would go next if the president drops out — or what it would mean if he stays in.

But in Wisconsin, Biden was focused on proving his capacity to remain as president. When asked whether he would halt his campaign, he said he was “completely ruling that out” and said he is “positive” he could serve for another four years.

Beege Welborn

The WI visit didn't exactly go without its bumps.


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