Why Le Pen Could Be About to Take Over France

Marine Le Pen and her National Rally movement have already topped at the polls at the European elections this year. And now they also look set to win France’s snap legislative elections, with the first round held this weekend.


That’s according to the latest polls, which all put Le Pen’s National Rally in the top spot, comfortably ahead of the left-wing alliance (the New People’s Front), which is in second place, and Macron’s liberal centrist coalition, which is in third.

It represents the latest remarkable achievement for Marine Le Pen and her movement, which over the last quarter-century has consistently watched its support climb.

From 4% in the first round of the legislative elections in 2007, to nearly 14% in 2012, 13% in 2017, and then up again to nearly 19% in 2002, Le Pen’s national populist party has consistently been consolidating and expanding its support.

So much so that, today, in the final polls, Le Pen and her movement are forecast to attract some 36% of the vote —more than one in three voters.

Beege Welborn

It sounds as if the regular folks are kinda fed up.

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