Escambia County Canine Deputy Is a Very Good Brave Boy

After days of searching, the third suspect who allegedly participated in the Erress Boulevard drive-by shooting and subsequently leaped from the Escambia River Bridge was found in Texas on Thursday.


The Escambia County Sheriff's Office announced on Facebook that 19-year-old Terrance Gross was arrested in Laredo, Texas, as he was allegedly heading to Mexico.

Once extradited to Escambia County, he will be charged for the attempted murder of the 70-year-old woman shot during the drive-by shooting, according to the ECSO.

Beege Welborn

Yes, that was our police dog Streeter you saw launch off the side of the 40 foot bridge right behind the three fleeing thugs.

He was hurt but was taken immediately to Westside Animal Hospital (the vets we use) and fixed up right as rain.

He'll be on desk duty for a week or so, and the entire county has told him he is a very good, very BRAVE boy.

Who deserves as many cookies as he wants.

More great video from another angle here.

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