Where Do Dems Go After the Most Embarrassing Debate Performance Ever?

Forget Gerald Ford saying the Soviets don’t dominate Eastern Europe. Forget Jimmy Carter’s citation of his 13-year-old daughter’s views on nuclear weapons. Joe Biden’s claim that he “killed Medicare” has to be the worst moment any presidential candidate has had in a debate. Other incoherent moments surely come in second and third. ...


The other question is whether, even with a concerted effort, Biden could be replaced. As I understand it, the overwhelming majority of delegates to the Democratic convention are legally bound to vote for Biden.

Therefore, unless Biden bows out, it’s hard for me to see a scenario in which he would be replaced. Couple the downside of what would amount to an ugly coup with lack of appeal of Kamala Harris, the most obvious replacement for Biden, and the case for even attempting a removal becomes weak.

So for me, the question of replacing Biden probably comes down to whether he can be persuaded to withdraw from the race.

Ed Morrissey

I don't think there's a chance that Biden will voluntarily withdraw, in part for the reason Paul cites here -- he hates Trump. But he also believes that he's the only Democrat that can beat Trump. After this debacle, that seems unlikely, but given that Democrats torched all credibility by promoting a senile old fool as an eminence grise for the last four years, Biden may assess the rest of his party correctly. 

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