Soviets? Us? The Ones Who Won the Cold War?

I finally got around to reading Niall Ferguson’s “We’re All Soviets Now” over at The Free Press … and boy howdy … it makes me seem like an optimist.

I’ve got a lot of pull quotes, but I want to pull something mid-article that most of our nation has not fully come to grips with and is, at its core, the primary indicator that we have a serious problem.


In 2022 alone, more Americans died of fentanyl overdoses than were killed in three major wars: Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

We won the Cold War, but lost the peace as we expended irreplaceable real, national, and moral capital in a “Global War on Terrorism” for two decades that left us … well … just look around you.

Ed Morrissey

We abandoned 14,000 Americans to the Taliban, and now we're stanning for Hamas while getting bullied by the Houthis, as CDR Salamander points out later. We may not be the Soviets, but that's where we're heading.  Read it all. 

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