Biden Made Immigration, Crime Top Priorities for Voters

The Democrats made these the top issues of the election. ...

Maher also called the Democrats "racist" for not listening to Latinos on the issue, as they support Trump over Biden on border security by 23 points.


Meanwhile, the illegal alien who murdered 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray simply cut his ankle monitor so he could leave his house and murder a child.

If he was so dangerous we put an ankle monitor on him, why was he in the country at all?

Ed Morrissey

The problem for Biden and Democrats can't be solved with threadbare EOs that barely change the status quo. They can't return to the status quo ante, which is what voters want. Even if Biden closed the border tomorrow and staged the US Army on the frontier, the effects of three years of wide-open borders will remain in cities across America. 

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