Say WHUT: NYC Jewish family pummeled at 5th-grade commencement by attendees shouting ‘Free Palestine,’

A Jewish mom and her husband were attacked and beaten at a Brooklyn elementary school graduation by an Arabic-speaking family — who taunted them with shouts of “Free Palestine!” “Gaza is Ours!” and “Death to Israel!” she told The Post.


The mayhem erupted at PS 682 in Gravesend just after the school’s fifth-grade graduation — which was themed, ironically, “All you need is love.”

Instead, the Jewish woman’s husband was thrown to the ground by members of the other family. One man put him in a chokehold, he said. Others grabbed his legs as they kicked and punched him. One woman repeatedly whacked him with the sharp heel of a black stiletto, the mom told police.

Beege Welborn

The school allowed one of the fifth graders to wave a small Palestinian flag and have "Free Palestine" on his cap (free speech, you know) as he walked across the stage. The grandmother of the Jewish family was so upset she walked out. Picture time afterward reportedly turned into a shoving and shouting match with the Hamas supporters shoving into the Jewish family's space before they were through.

Personally, I think these graduation ceremonies for anything other than high school are beyond ridiculous, but if you are attending one, acting like a civilized human being shouldn't be too much to ask in front of children.

We all know, for some entitled groups, acting like civilized humans in any circumstances is a bridge too far.

It's about time civilized behavior became the required norm again.

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