One Dead After Mass Tax Protests in Nairobi

A man died after mass demonstrations against proposed tax hikes in the Kenyan capital Thursday, police said, with Amnesty International saying it was a protester who had been shot.


Led largely by Gen-Z Kenyans, the protests began in Nairobi earlier this week before spreading nationwide, galvanised by widespread discontent over President William Ruto's economic policies as many already grapple with a cost-of-living crisis.

Thursday's demonstrations in Nairobi were mostly peaceful, but officers fired tear gas and water canon throughout the day in an attempt to disperse people who gathered to protest near parliament.

"We received information yesterday about the death of a demonstrator, an investigation is under way, our agents are on the ground to investigate," the Independent Policing Oversight Authority told AFP on Friday.

Beege Welborn

Africa is a mess. I sure wish someone competent was paying attention. We don't have many friends left there, and we're mostly to blame for that, too.

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