Columbia Protesters Are Above the Law Says Alvin Bragg

Evidently there are exceptions to the rule. Not everyone is above the law when it fits the current narrative. That now includes the pro-Hamas Columbia protestors who took over a campus building. Nearly all the cretins, who showed up to court wearing masks and keffiyehs, had their charges dropped. 


In total, Bragg’s office dismissed charges against 30 individuals arrested for occupying the building. As a result, the large majority of those who occupied Hamilton Hall will not face criminal penalties—46 people were arrested and charged in connection with the occupation.

The reason given was both astounding and infuriating. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office helmed by Alvin Bragg cites LACK OF EVIDENCE as to why the charges were dismissed!

The prosecutor said it would have been “extremely difficult” to prove the dismissed cases because the district attorney’s office lacks evidence, including surveillance footage from cameras that were covered up. The fact that some of the defendants wore masks also made it difficult to identify their specific actions.

Are you ‘effing kidding me right now?? The DA’s office should have all the police reports to use as evidence. Not only that, but there should be video from the body cameras as well! 

Beege Welborn

The Dems keep piling on mistake after mistake and are so arrogant they believe they can continue to motor along with impunity.

Hey, dudes - people are watching.

God willing, no one is going to be more shocked than Progressives in November.

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