Bowman Doing Jew-Hate Clean-Up on Colbert Last Night

Squad member Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) is a real piece of work.

Bowman is a far-left Israel hater who will likely lose his primary. He’s been trying to walk back all of those anti-Israel statements he has made. He totally has never repeated Hamas propaganda, right?


Bowman attempted to do all of that on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday.

Did Colbert push back? Of course not:

COLBERT: Especially in the Democratic Party in the primaries right now. Can you clarify where you stand and do you understand why some people have gotten upset about what you said?

BOWMAN: Yes, October 7th was incredibly traumatic. It was a war crime, it was a terrorist attack. We condemned it right away because they killed innocent civilians. It was horrible. However, the response has been collective punishment and tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and that’s why we called very early on for a ceasefire and for us a permanent cease-fire, it means stop the fighting, release the hostages, get humanitarian aid in there because famine is setting in and children are starving to death, and please, please, please, let’s find a pathway to peace...

Beege Welborn

I hope that Latimer guy cleans this scumbag's clock.

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