Google’s Censorship Machine Targets PragerU — Again

Everybody makes mistakes. By its own admission, that includes Google.

Late last week, PragerU received notice that its app was suspended and removed from Google Play, which boasts the largest app store in the world in terms of content volume. Citing its vague and subjective “hate speech” policy, Google’s decision to invoke the policy was apparently triggered by PragerU’s new documentary, “Dear Infidels: A Warning to America,” which shares stories of victims who fled violent Islamic regimes.


Within hours, Google retracted its suspension and restored access to the app. Upon further review, a spokesman told The Epoch Times the app had been suspended in error. So sorry for the inconvenience, friends.

But there’s plenty of reason to be suspicious of the tech giant’s mea culpaMost glaringly, this isn’t the first time PragerU has been censored by Google. In fact, the tech giant’s past censorship of PragerU on YouTube sparked a federal lawsuit that, while ultimately unsuccessful, could hardly have gone unnoticed at corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Beege Welborn

The "oops" area adding up and they don't add up.

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