Regulating the Will of the People

'm still recuperating from my courthouse exertions in London last week. However, a couple of thoughts on the passing parade:

~As I first wrote over two decades ago, Islamic supremacism attaches great importance to the annexation of the public space. To mark the Canadian centennial of 1967, half of Dominion Square in Montreal was renamed Place du Canada. Half-a-century later, during a Defund-the-Police protest, the magnificent statue of Sir John A Macdonald was toppled and decapitated, and the craven city council decided he would not be returned to his pride of place.


But these are mere poseur flourishes. (Pierre) Trudeaupian nationalism is dead, and the "anti-colonialist" nihilism that supplanted it is a mere death-spasm of demographically irrelevant western youth. Like the man said all those years ago, the future belongs to Islam. Bottoms up:

~This headline caught my eye:

U.S. Justice: the Strange Cases of President Donald Trump & Mark Steyn

I'm flattered, but, in fairness - looking at, say, proposed Congressional legislation to withdraw Secret Service protection from Trump - I don't think I'm up against the same implacable urge actually to kill me. Then again, who can say? I have no particular desire to end up as merely the latest "justifiable homicide", like the unfortunate Executive Director of the Bill and Hillary Clinton International Airport.

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