Biden Gave Us the Chaos The Elite Said Trump Would Bring

Flashback: Well before Trump took office, news outlets started predicting the international order would not survive his presidency. He was too chummy with dictators and too mean to Europeans and the United Nations, they said. He doesn't listen to the experts, they gasped. Didn't he understand Iran and the Palestinians had to be appeased? A nuclear World War III was said to be just around the corner.


"Hillary Clinton Is Right: Donald Trump Threatens World War III": Daily Beast, July 29, 2016:

Will a President Trump allow Russia—still a serious threat to world peace even after the demise of communism—to gobble up not just Crimea and eastern Ukraine but the Baltic states? This would threaten a confrontation with Western Europe much as Adolf Hitler’s demand for "breathing room" in Czechoslovakia and other states kicked off World War II.

"Is This the Start of World War III? That's What People Are Worried About": USA Today, April 17, 2017:

President Trump ordered a missile launch against Syria on Friday, in response to a chemical weapons attack.

And some are wondering (seriously and with memes) whether this is the start of World War III.

"How US and North Korea Could Stumble Into World War III": Politico, Jan. 6, 2018:

The threats that Trump and Kim [Jong Un, the leader of North Korea] are lobbing add unnecessary fuel to an already dicey situation, say those with direct experience managing the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

David Strom

Whatever the Democrats say, the opposite is likely true.

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