Broward State Attorney Lays Out Charges Against Four Officers Indicted This Week

Authorities have provided new details, days after four Miami-Dade Police officers were indicted for an officer-involved shooting in Miramar that left four people dead.


The Dec. 5, 2019 shooting claimed the lives of a UPS driver, another innocent driver and two robbery suspects on the busy intersection of Miramar Parkway and Flamingo Road.

Twenty-seven-year-old Frank Ordoñez, who was kidnapped in his UPS truck, and 70-year-old Richard Cutshaw, who was just sitting in traffic, were both shot to death. The robbery suspects, Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Jerome Hill, were also killed.

Saturday night, the Broward State Attorney’s Office said the four officers have been charged with manslaughter following a grand jury investigation.

Beege Welborn

One of the Miami-Dade cops already had a track record

I've sat on a FL grand jury, and those things can be intense. They only impanel them for capital cases or public malfeasance, which is where charges against police officers would come in.

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