Progressives Realize They Have a Jew-Hate Problem

Today, we see that the revolution Pasternak and Lander and AOC fomented is eating its own. But that doesn’t mean it’s deserved. 

Putting on woke exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and mouthing woke platitudes doesn’t mean Pasternak signed off on her own doxxing. No one deserves antisemitism—no matter how dumb their politics.


There should have been plenty of wake-up calls for the progressive left that the antisemitism was coming from inside the house. Often, they’re footing the phone bill. But if the alarm is finally rousing them out of their slumber, we shouldn’t pour cold water on their heads. We should welcome them back to reality. But an apology would be nice.

Ed Morrissey

I'm sympathetic, but only to a point. There were plenty of wake-up calls about The Revolution and wokery in the 2020 riots that burned across America too, and progressives mainly couldn't be bothered. They cheered along for Social Justice and An End to the Patriarchy and because Black Lives Matter, and so on, while primarily black and Hispanic neighborhoods bore the brunt of the chaos, crime, and destruction. It's not just the anti-Semitism, but also the nihilism and desire to destroy Western civilization that has become acute. 

So yes, an apology would be nice. The people they tried to marginalize and who now are standing up for them deserve at least that much. 

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