No Really, You Don't Hate Journalists Enough

Bump is disgusting in his defense here because he’s trying to gaslight the entirety of this nation into believing that the media handled this whole thing correctly. He figures that his readers, at least, are stupid enough to buy that and repeat it publicly. ...


Bump can’t change what happened. He can’t change our memories of what happened. What he hopes to change, though, is whether people will trust those memories.

The media, including social media, did all it could to bury the story until after the election because they’re not about the truth. They’re about the narrative, and Bump is trying to craft a new one about the laptop.

This is why you should hate the media and why you don’t hate them enough.

Ed Morrissey

Again, one has to wonder how Bump and Taylor Lorenz survived the mass layoffs that took place over the last year or so at the Post. Some good journalists found themselves out of a job, while the Post stuck with these two clowns. That's all you need to know about the credibility of the Post, and the Protection Racket Media in general.

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