Hollywood Can't Save Joe Biden This Time. Here's Why.

Victor Borge famously suggested that “laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” That explains the super PAC’s somewhat laughable attempt.

Will witty remarks and carefully curated content be enough to boost Biden’s standing among the young and restless?


The answer is almost certainly no.

When it comes to Biden, according to NBC News, young voices across the political landscape are expressing a range of grievances, from disgust to distrust, driven by a sense of disconnection from the current administration. The initial excitement they initially felt for Biden has faded under the harsh light of reality, leaving young voters feeling dismayed, deflated and dejected.

Ed Morrissey

Come on, man. Only a lying dog-faced pony soldier would try to sell Slow Joe as somehow "cool," or even witty. He's an angry, confused old man who was a vicious demagogue and intellectual lightweight his entire career, even when physically healthy. The only thing that “Won’t PAC Down" is selling is sheer desperation.  

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