Fired Spokesperson Sues Oakland DA, Alleging Cover-Ups

Less than 24 hours after Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price held a news conference and lectured reporters about the importance of the First Amendment, Price was hit with a lawsuit accusing her office of violating the First Amendment.


The lawsuit, released publicly on Wednesday, was filed on behalf of former KTVU reporter Patricia “Patti” Lee. Lee worked as a Public Information Officer for the District Attorney’s Office in 2023 until she was abruptly fired.

The lawsuit claims Lee discovered that the DA’s office was “hiding, deleting, and/or altering records” requested by journalists through the California Public Records Act. Days after Lee raised concerns, she was unceremoniously fired as PIO in December, attorneys said.

Ed Morrissey

Pass the popcorn on this one. Lee was trying to comply with California's version of FOIA by providing records relating to alleged efforts to "blacklist" reporters that wrote stories critical of Price. Lee apparently tumbled onto an attempt to obstruct such efforts and got fired -- allegedly to keep the cover-up in place. 

This shouldn't just be a lawsuit. The state Attorney General should open an investigation into obstruction and corruption in Price's office. Stay tuned ... and keep the Orville Redenbacher inventory up.

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