A Tale of Two FBIs

But I can’t help but wonder where the FBI’s respect for free speech was when it decided to start looking at parents who were protesting their local school board. Yes, that came as a directive from the Biden administration, but we never heard the FBI tell the White House to pound sand.


“There were threats of violence.”

That’s a matter for the local authorities and always was. The use of the FBI was nothing but a way to try to intimidate people into staying at home during school board meetings.

Which is missing when you’re dealing with an organization that is clearly trying to show some degree of affiliation with a noted terrorist organization.

Ed Morrissey

It was the best of politicized law enforcement, it was the worst of politicized law enforcement ... (IYKYK)

Tom hits the nail on the head, especially under the hackery of Merrick Garland. He classified parents at school board meetings as potential domestic terrorists, and then has done nothing in regard to the pro-Hamas mobs vandalizing and waging intimidation campaigns in DC and on American campuses. 

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