13th Oregon County Votes to Leave State, Join Idaho

The "Greater Idaho" movement continues to gain steam, promising to liberate conservative counties east of the Deschutes River from the ruinous policies and Democratic control all but ensured by residents in the more populous leftist areas nearer the coast, such as Mayor Ted Wheeler's crime-ravaged Portland.


On Tuesday, Crook County voters were presented with ballot measure 7-86, which asked: "Should Crook County represent that its citizens support efforts to move the Idaho state border to include Crook County?"

The majority signaled their support for moving the state border westward and joining their conservative compatriots in the Gem State.

Those opposed to the measure unsuccessfully argued against 7-86 in the State Voters' Pamphlet that joining Idaho was problematic because:

  • Idaho, unlike Oregon, is pro-life;
  • Idaho, unlike Oregon, has a sales tax and a lower minimum wage;
  • Idaho is not as fast and loose when it comes to voter registration;
  • "Idaho does not allow Video Poker Machines in retail establishments";

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