This is not funny.

A 16-second video featuring a woman dancing is gaining traction online. No, not because she was in a scandalous outfit or was an incredible dancer, but because she captioned the video: “my fetus dancing right before it was aborted.”


Yes, these kind of people exist. ... 

The video was originally posted by a girl who goes by the user name “abortioncounselor.” Her bio on TikTok reads “that girl that gets abortions.” Her whole account is flooded with pro-abortion messaging from evil jokes to personal experiences and stories from the numerous abortions the woman has received.

Ed Morrissey

I'm not really sure this is on the level. I would not be surprised in the least if this turned out to be some sort of troll campaign meant to just stir the pot and watch the freakout that results.

In fact, that seems like the best possible case at the moment. 

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