Time to Do a Bud Light on Oreos?

Pride of Perversion Month is just around the corner. We are about to see woke corporations, media, academia, and even government at all levels, turn themselves inside-out to partner in the cacophony of glitter, rainbows and NSFW parades. Bud-Lite learned there was a limit to how much targeting of normies would be tolerated. Will a product aimed at children finally suffer the same fate? ...


Regardless of how tolerant, accepting or even celebratory American society has become of the LGB, it ain’t enough for the TQ+ cult who will be dominating the month of June with glitter-encrusted bullying.

And corporate entities like Oreo will be right there to drape their products in rainbows or have men-in-dresses as spokesholes to promote this dangerous, hate-filled ideology ironically labeled LOVE.

“Love” that is demanding access to children.

Ed Morrissey

I'm probably the wrong person to ask, since no one in my household has consumed Oreos for many years, let alone bought any. 

That said, I would occasionally have a light beer, and the Bud Light situation was different. That was less about Dylan Mulvaney and a cheap pandering move and more about the brand's marketing exec insulting its consumer base by scolding them for being amused at the "fratty" humor of past marketing campaigns. Light beer consumers aren't the snobby elites that Alissa Heinerscheid wanted as replacements for Bud Light buyers, and they found another crappy barley pop to buy instead.

If you don't want to buy Oreos ... there are always Hydrox cookies, which were the original version of that cookie. 

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