'Experts' Fail to Argue That Mandates Worked

“Behavioral response had a lot in common across U.S. States,” they say. But we know that’s not true. People living in California, particularly in 2021 and 2022, had very different experiences than those living in Florida or Iowa. Mask mandates and vaccine passports continued in California and New York deep into 2022, while Florida banned vaccine passports and had virtually no masking by early-mid 2021.


They claim that behavioral modifications were responsible for “delaying deaths,” but there’s no evidence that that’s true since different areas with different responses often had similar results.

Somehow, they also then claim that people “would have gotten infected without protection of vaccines,” a nonsensical fantasy given we know that the vaccines provide zero protection against infection.

So they both credit behavior with reducing infections and delaying deaths, based on nothing, but also credit vaccines with reducing infections, and thus deaths. Also based on nothing.

Ed Morrissey

There's a more fundamental issue here, too. The data sets on deaths (and hospitalization) are badly flawed, because the CDC didn't require those reports to be narrowed down to deaths from COVID rather than just counting deaths with COVID, even after widespread vaccination took place. Have we even fixed the data to look at causative COVID-19 deaths rather than just correlative? Even now?

The data sets from the time period in question are useless for determining impact of mandates without narrowing down to causative deaths. 

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