Why Our Education System Needs to Be Fixed

See, when I was a wee lad, if you made an F in a class, your parents looked at you and demanded you explain yourself. They put the onus on you until you could somehow prove that it wasn’t really your fault.


And honestly, good luck with that. It usually was your fault, after all.

What that meant was that you either went to summer school or you repeated the grade. No one blinked about it because that’s just what happened.

Today, we have a problem with grade inflation, where grades are being given well above what the work warrants. We have parents who demand their kid’s grade be changed to something better for any number of reasons but never seem inclined to tell the kid to work harder which also contributes to the problem.

Ed Morrissey

These are not new problems. They existed while I was in high school in the 1970s too. When I attended Cal State Fullerton, I served as a student representative on the Faculty Curriculum Committee for about a year, and that was when CSU Fullerton added what we called the 099 courses -- remedial English, remedial math. remedial science, and so on. A few of the faculty on the committee -- and me as well -- objected the entire idea, pointing out that (a) the high schools should perform better, but even ignoring that, (b) community colleges could deal with those unprepared for 4-year colleges and universities. We lost that argument, and that was either 1980 or 1981.

This problem has been a loooong time coming. 

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