IDF Evacuates 950,000 Gazans from Rafah in 2 Weeks

The IDF has succeeded in evacuating around 950,000 Palestinian civilians in only two weeks since May 6, the military revealed on Monday.

In addition, around 30-40% of Rafah is now under IDF control, not merely a small portion of the eastern sector, and about 60-70% of Rafah has been completely evacuated.


The remaining Rafah civilians, estimated at around 300,000-400,000, are almost all near the Gaza coast Tel al-Sultan area.

This is despite US predictions that the civilian population could not be evacuated without a huge death count or without leaving around four months to do so.

Ed Morrissey

The Biden administration has tried to eat its cake and have it too. At first, Biden and Blinken insisted that Israel had to have a plan in place to get civilians out of the fighting before the IDF entered Rafah. They presumed it could not be done. When Israel began evacuating them, Biden and his team suddenly announced that they opposed any "forced relocation" of civilians in Gaza, an absurd contradiction. 

This is a good sign that Israel has stopped listening to Biden and plans to end this war on their terms, full stop. 

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