Green Grifting for YOU: Greasy Gavin in Bologna to Sign 'Climate Agreement'

Thursday California Governor Gavin Newsom was in Rome at a Climate Change summit and addressed Pope Francis with talk about fires, floods, and droughts in California. Newsom claimed “California’s climate action is a model for governments around the world.”


Today the governor and First Partner, Mrs. Newsom, traveled north to Bologna, ostensibly to sign a “Climate Partnership” with Bologna, a city smaller than Sacramento, California with 400,000 residents. The entire Emilia-Romagna region has about 1,000,000 residents.

I suspect Mr. and Mrs. Newsom are really in Bologna as tourists to enjoy the Etruscan culture, and dine on food made famous in California by Biba Caggiano, the Italian-American restaurateur, prolific cookbook author, and television chef.

I suspect tourism because the governor’s press statement is laughable:

“In an increasingly hotter and drier world, the partnership we’re forming today will accelerate efforts to protect communities across the world – all while harnessing the innovative spirit necessary to move away from fossil fuels.”

Beege Welborn

He's such a slicky trickster.

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