EU Already Looking to Smack Down Wilders Dutch Immigration Plans

The European Commission has hit out against plans by the new Dutch coalition government to opt out of the EU migration pact.

Speaking in The Hague on Thursday, Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders, the largest party in the Dutch parliament, announced the new right-wing administration agreed upon by four coalition partners will seek to release the country from the grip of Brussels on matters relating to asylum and migration.


“A lot is going to change. There will be an asylum crisis law. There will be border controls. There will be a ban on the priority of social housing for status holders,” Wilders told the Dutch press.

He then hinted at Dutch opposition to the EU’s migration pact and vowed to “fight for an opt-out on asylum in the European Union.”

Beege Welborn

Oh, my, gosh - you know this was going to turn into a knife fight almost immediately.

And so it has. They can't let him win the first battles or it's Katy bar the door. Other unhappy EU members are already watching like hawks to see what Wilders does and how..

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