England: Recommending a Sushi Restaurant Can Get You Sued for Racial Discrimination

Professor Nana Sato-Rossberg at the University of London has lost a novel claim of racial discrimination against her superior, Provost Claire Ozanne. The offense? Ozanne simply said that Sato-Rossberg, who is Japanese, might enjoy a local sushi restaurant.


Sato-Rossberg brought an internal claim alleging race discrimination, race harassment, victimization and retaliation for whistleblowing. The university dismissed the claim and she then filed a formal complaint of employment discrimination.

Employment Judge Jillian Brown ruled that it is not discriminatory to suggest a sushi restaurant in the area. Brown noted that Ozanne “was making small talk and trying to establish a point of shared interest. Ms Ozanne said nothing detrimental about Japan.”

Judge Brown added:

“The tribunal decided that [Prof] Ozanne mentioning a sushi restaurant and her family’s love of sushi was not a detriment because a reasonable person would not consider themselves at a disadvantage when a manager, trying to be friendly and find common ground, was enthusiastic about food from the person’s country of origin...

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