We Ain't Dead Yet'

Despite all the talk that Joe Biden killed the Commission on Presidential Debates this week, there’s at least one objection.

“We ain’t dead yet,” says Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr.


He’s the co-founder and co-chair of the commission, and he sat down for an interview with the Playbook Deep Dive podcast this week to discuss whether this really is the end of his organization’s 36-year run producing 33 general election debates.

Fahrenkopf had harsh words for senior members of the Biden campaign, which stunned the commission on Wednesday morning with a letter declaring the president would not participate in the commission’s fall debates. The Biden team described the commission’s debates as “noisy spectacles” that occur too late in the process to accommodate early voting, and which were too easy for Donald Trump to hijack in 2020 by breaking rules that went unenforced.

Ed Morrissey

Yes, they are dead, and Biden killed them -- but the GOP would have eventually done so anyway. The CPD authored its own demise by allowing media outlets to dictate terms to the campaigns. 

Fahrenkopf also thinks Trump got rolled by Biden's debate demands, but Trump saw through the ploy. Biden wanted to set terms that he thought Trump would reject so that he could blame Trump for the lack of debates. Trump hated the CPD as much as anyone, so their exclusion doesn't bother him a bit. He's calling Biden's bluff, because he thinks Biden will now have to come up with even more threadbare excuses to get out of a debate. And if he doesn't, Trump will shred Biden, who can't even follow a teleprompter well these days. 

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