Columbia Delenda Est

As an alumnus of Columbia University (MPhil and PhD), I recommend that every peaceful, legal means available be employed to destroy the reputation of my alma mater—an institution that has chosen to make itself Ground Zero for Jew-hatred in America. Paraphrasing Cato the Elder:


“Columbia Delenda Est”—“Columbia Must Be Destroyed.”

Cato’s entreaty—“Carthago Delenda Est”—was intended not only to punish the Carthaginians, but also to warn other states from behaving as Carthage had. Laying waste to Columbia’s prestige would send a chilling message to other institutions choosing to tolerate, appease, and celebrate threats and acts against Jews. ...

With antisemitism blooming at so many American universities, it is impractical to try attacking the phenomenon everywhere all at once. It is better to choose one prestigious university, inflict as much pain as possible on that lone institution, and let the stinking carcass of its reputation stand as a warning to other universities—leaving all of them to wonder which university is second on the list.

Ed Morrissey

Be sure to read it all. It's an outstanding essay, and a proposal that would at least allow other institutions a clear incentive to abandon their Marxist-indoctrination models and return to actual education. They almost certainly won't, but at least they can't complain they weren't warned. 

Don't miss the last line, either. 

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