'Transgender' Teen Assaults Girl in School

How many times are we going to read stories that start off like that nowadays? A biological male who identifies as female attacks a female.

The Stanly cup beating is how you may have heard it in the news over the weekend. A 13-year-old male who identifies as a female attacked a 12-year-old girl in school.


Now, it is being reported that this same individual has also allegedly attacked a sheriff at his hearing on Monday. ...

Seriously, we need to stop this right now. This gender-affirming care language that people like Dick use is nothing more than child abuse, and we all know it.

And now we have our children acting out in violent behavior, being all juiced up on gender drugs. But yeah, let’s turn a blind eye to that.

Ed Morrissey

We are making a whole generation of teens into mentally ill eunuchs. Time for the lawsuits to do their work and take a sledgehammer to "gender affirming care," especially in pediatrics. 

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