LA Mayor Gets Dose of Her Own Medicine

Officers arrested 29-year-old Ephraim Hunter and booked him on a felony burglary charge after he allegedly smashed a window of the Getty House, which serves as the mayor’s official residence. The home was occupied at the time, according to LAPD. ...


Last week, Bass also urged wealthy residents to help house the city's homeless population through her LA4LA initiative, which aims to curb criminal behavior. LAPD Interim Chief Dominic Choi told KCAL it would be challenging to address crime through the initiative. ...

Choi also reported in March that robberies increased by 9.5% from 2023. However, Bass claims LA4LA could be a “sea change” for the city.

(via Lucianne)

Ed Morrissey

Why did she have the man arrested? Shouldn't she have offered the man a room? After all, that's what Bass wants other wealthy Angelenos to do, to get the "sea change" for LA that she promises. 

The next "sea change" should be the booting from office of Bass, George Gascon, and the rest of the progressive activists who only want the law enforced when crime impacts them personally. 

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