Columbia's Unacceptable DEI Double Standard on Anti-Semitism

Columbia and other universities must decide whether to ban or permit all racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic and other offensive speech.

They cannot punish anti-black racism while tolerating anti-Jewish racism, even if the First Amendment protects both.


Columbia and other universities must make a decision: apply the First Amendment and permit all forms of bigotry; or design symmetrical neutral rules that protect all groups equally.

What is unacceptable is what most universities are doing today: protecting some minorities favored by DEI and intersectionality over Jews and other minorities disfavored by DEI.

Ed Morrissey

I agree with Dersh in principle. That's what should happen. But these institutions have been thoroughly corrupted by the quasi-Marxist racial-determinist cult that requires such rankings. In fact, that's why they had to invent "intersectionality" in the first place -- to resolve conflicts in their immutable-characteristics privilege rankings. 

The only way to solve that corruption is to restore direct pricing signals for it. And the only way to do that is to end all federal funds to all universities -- student loans, student grants, research grants, the whole works. When these schools have to survive only on direct income, then they'll have to deal with these contradictions. 

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